Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Tour ~ Our Small Living Room

I live in a split ranch.  It looks like a two story house from the outside.  Basically, it is our first floor there is a very small foyer.  Once you walk inside in front of the front door are the stairs, next to the stairs is a hallway.  Immediately off the hallway is a small entry hall you could say that we created as a mudroom.  ( I just looked through my blog and found I never posted about our little mudroom we completed this past summer.  I will have to post about it later.)  This mudroom leads to a half bathroom and a small room where we currently are using as a storage and the cat litter boxes room.  We also have an additional refrigerator and small stand up freezer in this room.  At one time it was Matthew's bedroom and prior to us moving in, it was their computer room.  Down the hallway is our large living room or family room.  That is our first floor.

Going up stairs you will be in our small living room or sitting room.  All three of our bedrooms, kitchen and two more bathrooms and laundry room is also upstairs.  A couple of years I had an additional tree in our small living room.  Now, I have our plants where the tree used to go up so I have only a few decorations in our small living room but I love what we have. 

 On my plant stand I have a tiny stocking pot with our poinsettia.  
The plants are only indoors during the cold weather.  
The plants go out in our porch once the weather warms up.
 This floral container is the one I used to have on my counter in the kitchen.  
This year it is in our small living room, right outside my bedroom door.
On each side of the floral container are two of my three Candle Light votive music snow globes.  I wish I had one more, one for each of the boys to have in their house when the time comes.  My boys have always loved these at Christmas time, especially Ethan.
 I have the fourth one on one of the end tables.

 We have two book cases in our small living room primarily filled with old books Todd grew up with.  
On top of one I have a cinnamon stick gathered arrangement with a little cardinal.
 On top of the other book case I have one of my nativity sets.  
I purchased this little set back in 1983.
I used to keep it in my bedroom when I first purchased it.

We will also be adding two tables with chairs for family to sit around on Christmas Eve.  Todd's side of the family comes over on Christmas Eve.  For now, this is all we have in our small living room. 

Please come back tomorrow to see my small decorations in our foyer.



  1. I like your sweet little Christmas touches, especially your nativity scene.

  2. I love the snow globes. My youngest son and I both collect them. Mine are snowmen, his are superheroes. :)


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