Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Tour ~ Our Tiny Foyer

Today's little tour will be my tiny foyer.  In our corner we have a corner shelf with three levels.  Todd began to decorate it with left overs a couple of years back.  I leave the shelf for him.  He just began to help me two years ago and I enjoy it.  This year, I took the Christmas train from him and added it to the fire mantel, so he chose to decorate with snowmen.

I added this little shelf and mirror in 2015.  I did not decorate it last year but had planned on it, so this year I did.  Kera purchased our boxes the past few years and gave them to us with gifts.  I have saved them to decorate with.  I purchased the little stand with the large box from Target this year.

Last year the day after Christmas we picked up two paintings.  This is one of the two and I love it.

I have to add the door bell. I have always had one since I was in college.  It is something I have to have now for some reason.  I guess it is just part of my tradition.

I also added my small Precious Moments Nativity to the shelf in my mudroom.

Our foyer is definitely small but I like the vibe we have.  Come back tomorrow and we will tour the large living room/family room.  It is my favorite room in the entire house.


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  1. Hey. I hang bells on my doors too! Not sure why I do it or when I started. Just seems like I've always done it and now it's a thing. :)


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