Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Confessional ~ Art Show

Alright originally I was planning on blogging about our Christmas fun we did last weekend, however Thursday night something more important happened and I wanted to celebrate and share about the event.

I confess...

Once a year the Secondary Schools have a joint art show.  December 1 was the last night of the show and they have a reception and awards that night.

I confess...

Noah (aka Christian) had an art piece in the show this year. His stained glass work "Sworn to the Sword" made the show.  Noah spent many hours cutting and grinding the glass pieces for this project.  The taping and welding came together rather quickly.

I confess...

Here are a few of my favorites besides Noah's of course...

Above: Noah's art work.
 Above: Another art piece from Noah's school with mixed medium.  
My picture did not do justice for this piece.
Below: A ceramic piece from another student from his high school.
 I had to take multiple shots, this ceramic piece was dimensional.

 Above:  A charcoal drawing from another high school.  
Once again, the photo does not give justice to this piece.
Below: Canvas painting a student from the third high school in town.

I confess...

Each school gave a student an award "Teacher's Choice".   Noah's art teachers stated they gave their student the award because he dedicated so many hours into his piece, he came in on his free hour, during lunch hour, and after school, then they called Noah's name.  Well they called Chris Titler since that is what he goes by at school.

The other award is the US BANK Award, the employees vote on their favorite and the Lion done in charcoal won. I have to agree, they made a solid choice.

I confess...

I am so very proud of Noah.  He has come so far and is becoming the Noah I lost through his depression.  He has not had any self harming thoughts anymore.  He has blue moments but they are very manageable.  



  1. Wow, Jolene! Christian is truly talented and I hope he decides to pursue art as a career. He could make it! I love the piece he created, and his strong work ethic will take him far in life. Congratulations!!!

  2. what wonderful efforts your son made and then to win that award, hemust have felt very proud of himself afterwards. I am so happy to see him happy after all that awful time he suffered and you did too as a family.. Lets hope the new year coming will bring all his dreams true and make his future very bright indeed... love from the Old UK, so so happy for you all..

  3. Wow! Congratulations to Noah. Seriously. I know people who do stained glass windows and it's a very delicate process. I know you must be so proud. He did a great job. - I really liked that ceramic piece too. The take off on Van Gogh's Starry Night.


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