Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Confessional

Hello my friends do I have a confession. Originally I planned to do a recap of the year but my year was not all that great.

Oh, I had some great moments like the Cubs going all the way and winning the World Series.  Also Christian  (aka Noah) not having any suicide attempts this year, first since 2014.

I guess the bad really made an impact and I fought depression big time this year. However, my marriage is stronger the trust is not entirely there yet but it is stronger.

I have to confess I am going to share something big in our lives.  If you are friends with me on Facebook please do not say anything because my step daughter needs to make the announcement there BUT I could not keep it in from my blogging world. I will share more later but here is what I can share for now.

A couple of days before Christmas my step daughter called to tell us she was expecting her doctor appointment was December 29th. A few of the kids know and she plans on telling everyone on Sunday at our dinner.  Today she found out her due date and...

We will be having two new grand babies this Summer.


  1. Yay! More grandbabies! That will make for an exciting 2017!!!

  2. Wow! Twins?? You'll have to keep us posted as to boys, girls or one of each! :D


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