Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mount Pleasant, Iowa ~ North Pole Express

Once upon a time I participated in a Blogger Book Swap hosted by Chaotic Goddess Swaps and received this wonderful gift from Jenni.  You can read about the swap by clicking here.

I found this exciting event of a train ride very much resembling "The Polar Express" and knew I wanted to take Taj to it.  We tried to get tickets last year but the event is so popular the tickets are typically sold out within the first two days.   I made a mental note to check the website on November 1, since it was the first day tickets would be on sale. This is the same day every year and it was easy to remember the date since it is also Ethan's birthday.  I checked with Kera to see if she wanted me to try to get a Sunday she is off to join us.  *Presto*  Four tickets were purchased for Sunday, December 4th.
Now we have been very lucky so far here in Iowa, no snow until December 4th.
The first snowfall is always beautiful and it set the perfect setting for the day.
Todd, Kera, Taj and I drove to Mount Pleasant to take a train ride to the North Pole. We rode on the North Pole Express.

Our cabin was named "Snowflake" while on our voyage they played the audio of "Polar Express ". Taj was so excited.
Once the train stopped Taj was super excited because he knew we were there...at the North Pole.
Our first stop was Santa's Caboose.  We waited and Taj was super hyped.  He finally had his turn and told Santa everything he wanted.  Santa gave each of us a bell ornament. 
There was an area for group pictures.
An area for cookie and cocoa.
A snow princess visited and gave all the girls and boys gifts.
A craft house where the boys  and girls made an ornament.
The children could run an electric train.
We stopped at the gift shop and picked up some gifts. Kera bought Taj a conductor bear. I loved what Taj did next, he walked to Santa's caboose to show Santa what he got.  I just love this photo.
This was such a wonderful event and one I know made memories for Taj.
Our trip to the North Pole definitely wore this little guy out.

Mount Pleasant is 58 minutes away from Iowa City.



  1. How much fun! I know that Taj is so excited about his trip to the North Pole. Children are so adorable this time of the year, and to see the magic of Christmas through their sweet little eyes is priceless!

  2. How special is that Jolene??? Taj will never forget his trip to the North Pole. Hopefully it can be a family tradition for many years to come.


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