Thursday, December 1, 2016

Recap of My October and November.

I'm not sure where the time has gone. Life has been so stressful and I just realized I have not posted for awhile.  The past several weeks have been so many mixed emotions. First it was the Cubs playoffs to begin with against the Giants and then the Dodgers. During those playoff series we did have fun.  We typically go to a pumpkin patch close to home, this year we took Taj and drove a bit further one of my coworkers works at the farm on the weekends. We went to Bloomsbury Farm and had a wonderful time.  This farm has so many things on it, play equipment, yard games, paint ball, pumpkin canyons (We did do this a couple of times.), hay rack rides, pumpkin patch, food to eat, shopping center, corn maze, petting farm, tractor races, pig races, tractor pull, and in the evening a large haunted house and haunted corn maze.

 The farm had area for children to climb.

I loved the beautiful sky and the farm itself.

 They had a large petting farm.
This little llama, well let us just say Todd learned
the saying not to look a llama in the eye or it will spit on you
is absolutely true.  This guy spat at him and got Todd good.
 Taj at first was afraid to feed the animals until he saw me do it.
I explained they do not use their teeth to pick up the food,
they use their tongues and it tickles.
Once he became brave to try, it was hard to get Taj away from feeding them.
 Until he found the gutter races.  Taj loves the gutter races,
but what child does not love playing in water?  Exactly!
 We also went mining.  We chose the fossil bag.
Taj and Papa used the strainer to sort the sand from the fossils.

 The Farm had this huge slide where parents can slide too.
Todd was video taping his slide.
They both had so much fun sliding.
 However...this was Taj's favorite thing to do.
We spent nearly an hour just playing tether ball. 

We most definitely will be going again to this farm! 

Another weekend we set off to do our annual Fall voyage only we waited to late to see most of the colors. We went to Galena, Illinois. We did not spend a lot of time there and plan to go back another time to spend more time. We had a wonderful dinner there and then rushed home to watch the Cubs beat the Dodgers.  On our way to Galena we passed the largest pumpkin patch we have ever seen.  My photo does not do justice of how large this patch really is.  I should have done a panoramic shot in order for you all to get the real picture of how large it is.

Galena is a small little town not too far from home in Illinois.  
Many people go there to shop, antiquing, and enjoy the beauty.
They also have many winery.
We plan to go back in a couple of weeks for the Christmas atmosphere.
One thing I did pick up was this little hat.
Next we had the World Series...very very stressful but the 7th game we cried and screamed when the Cubs won! I do not think we will ever forget that moment.  It was great to share it with Todd.  We both were actually standing near the television and the moment the third out was called we both screamed turned to one another an hugged.  We both were laughing/crying and saying "They did it!"

Beginning of October I went to a dear friend's birthday celebration.  I met my dear friend in college and I am so glad we have kept in touch.  Her son is going to the University of Iowa now.  I am in hopes I will have more opportunities to see her in the next four years or more. We celebrated her 50th birthday at a winery.  It was very beautiful there.

Two weeks ago before Thanksgiving I found out I will be cooking Thanksgiving at our house now. Jim's cancer has grown and he has to start chemo again and will most likely not be up for company so Todd's Mom will not be doing it with me bringing sides.  This is so sad because Jim really wanted to have everyone there.  It was a little different because I was missing Ethan and Joshua this year.
 I placed the food on our kitchen table.
We rented a couple of tables and folding chairs and added them to the small living room.
We removed the love seat and chair and ottoman to make room.

November is a very busy time for birthdays in our house.  November 1st was Ethan's (20) and we celebrated with a birthday dinner on November 5th.  November 13th was Noah's (a.k.a Christian [17]) and we celebrated with a birthday dinner on his actual birthday since it was Sunday.  The very next day is Emily's (26) birthday November 14th and we just celebrated her birthday on the 20th.  

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Todd and I took a trip to Chicago on Saturday and spent the night.  We had a great time.  We went to Chicago this weekend just to take a picture of Wrigley Fields sign showing "World Champions".  We did this and some window shopping.  

Our road trip selfie, I started a tradition now with every road trip to do a selfie of us.
Notice, I am wearing my new hat?! 
It was a cold and windy day in Chicago.

Todd has been a fan of the Cubs since a child.  
Many of his early memories is being on his Grandparent's Farm 
and listening to the Cubs game on the radio with his Grandpa.
People were writing well wishes and names on Wrigley's brick wall with chalk.
The owners took a picture of it before they had to close the wall off to the public due to construction.  They plan to hang the pictures of the messages written on the wall inside the ballpark.  One of the buildings across the street has allowed fans to continue to write messages on their building with the sidewalk chalk.  Todd wrote his Grandpa's name.


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  1. Wow! You really were busy! - I love all the pics, as always. - Super cute hat! And yay for the Cubbies! My dad is from Chicago. I was happy to see them win. - Your Thanksgiving looked beautiful.. Beautiful table setting. :) - I'm catching up!


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