Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cold Weekend Here In Iowa

January and the beginning of February is a magical time around here in Iowa near the rivers because of the Bald Eagles.  TheRe were so many of them during this time.  The only bad thing is the fact it is Winter and it is freezing out.  This year I was finally able to get out and go Eagle watching.   We took Taj with us.  The first day Taj was not too thrilled.  I thought the first day was wonderful.  One of our stops we literally saw hundreds of Bald Eagles in one place.  Seriously HUNDREDS.

The second day was only 10 degrees without the wind chill so we were out for only 10 minutes but it was wonderful. Taj shrieked with delight because the Bald Eagles were swooping so close to us. We were standing on a bridge near a spill way where thever magnificent birds were catching fish.

                        and Canadian Geese

Did you know it takes several years for a Bald Eagle for their feathers on their head to be white as well as their beak and eyes to be yellow?


He Loves Me