Friday, February 17, 2017

What's Happening In My Neck Of The Woods

I have had so much goodness since I have last posted.  Here is a recap:

You all know how we love the Cubs here in our house.  Well, the Cubs wanted to thank their fans and give us the opportunity to see the World Series Trophy and have our picture taken with it.  At first I thought we were going to travel to Council Bluffs, Iowa to see it but then I found out it was going to be in Davenport, Iowa which is closer.  I rushed home to tell my husband only to find the day the trophy was going to be in Davenport it was also going to travel here to Iowa City and the next morning it would be in Cedar Rapids.  Unfortunately I was unable to get time off from work when it was in Iowa City but I do not even think I would have had a chance either to actually see it.  The first 500 were guaranteed to see the trophy.  People camped out over night, well okay the students camped out over night.  The trophy was on campus and there were nearly 2,000 people in line and it ended up close to 800 people were able to see it before they packed up the trophy for the next destination which was Cedar Rapids. 

Now, Todd and I have no problems standing in line for hours we do this on Black Friday.  Todd left first at 4 am in order for me to shower and get ready for work.  That was the plan but when he left, I could not fall back to sleep I tried to because the original plan was for me to sleep another hour and half since I was going to go to work and he would be able to sleep but I could not sleep so I hurried up to be with him an hour after he left without a shower. (I should have thought that through a little more since we were taking pictures.)

It was in the low 30's and very cold.  I also did not think it through very well with the shoes I chose to wear.  They definitely did not keep my toes warm.  After standing outdoors for nearly 4 hours the doors opened and we went inside and stood for another hour.  Literally it hurt to walk because my toes were so cold.  Inside they had time to thaw as we stood. 
Excited we were inside, warm and waiting our turn.  Oh, I forgot to tell you all we were number 15 and 16 in line.  I know the picture does not show it but we were excited, cold, tired and excited.  Actually during the picture I was thinking "Crap, I should have put some make up on and did my hair."  Ha ha ha  
Soon after I drove back home took an hour nap and then jumped in the shower and got ready to go to work.

February means close to the end of wrestling season.  This is another sport we enjoy.  Todd will be going to the NCAA Wrestling Tournament next month to cheer on any Hawkeyes that make it to the tournament.  This year I will not be able to join him.  I will explain more on that in a bit.  We have gone the past couple of weekends to the Preliminary State Tournament and then State Qualification Tournament.  Todd's nephew, well mine too, is a Senior this year and he started the year at 4th in the State with his weight class and division.  Until last week State Qualification he was 1st in the State and had only one loss.  At the qualifications he lost his first match and was able to wrestle back and win, only the top two move on.  Yesterday was the first rounds of eliminations at the Boy's State Tournament and he won by pinning his opponent.  He went into the tournaments ranked 4th and is up against someone equally good today.  I wish him well.  This is his third year going to State, the first year he finished 12th, last year was 8th, he is hoping to make it to the podium again this year.  

Above is a picture of him beginning his pin at the Qualifications.  An additional bonus of seeing Austin wrestle and spending time with Todd's sister, we also get to see our great nephew, Adrian.  I think he is such a doll.  Here is is cheering on his uncle at the State Tournament.

My favorite holiday is during February, Valentine's Day.  I show my love all year for my family and my sweetheart.  This is my favorite day for so many reasons, mainly because it is a holiday about love and so many people are celebrating love on the same day.  It is also my favorite because my Dad made this holiday very special to all of us when we were growing up.  It was the one holiday I knew he would not be drinking as well.  Todd did a wonderful job with the flowers he picked up for me.  I absolutely love the vase.

Last weekend after the State Qualification Tournament we rushed home to get ready to go to Emily's and Kameron's house because they were going to do a gender reveal of the twins for the grandparents.

All I can say is I am thrilled with the reveal; so thrilled, as soon as we left the house we went to the store and picked up outfits and then went home and ordered more.  The next day they FINALLY announced on the Internet they were expecting.  Here was their announcement.  I absolutely love it. 

My next happening is a big one too!  I was promoted to QA Analyst.  The position I wanted since I was hired.  This last week has been very stressful because I have been wearing two hats, Team Lead (which is Assistant Supervisor) and training for QA.  My Supervisor was also out of the office.  I worked four - ten hour days to have today off.   I am going to QA the team I am currently on to start with, which is the largest client and the most difficult I have been told.  They feel this will be an easier transition to start with since I have all the access and know the client after I am at ease I will gain more clients.  I am so thrilled because I get to pick my hours and if I need to I can work from home from time to time.  Beginning Monday I will be working normal hours again, I am going to try 8 am to 4:30 to start and if there are days I have later meetings I will then adjust my schedule.  I love this because I will be able to cook the dinners again, eat at a normal time, see my husband more, keep up with the house work during the week and actually enjoy the weekends again.  This will also free up time where I can blog more often again and visit my favorite/friend bloggers.  Life will be normal again.  It is because of my recent promotion and training I will not be able to join Todd next month in St Louis at the NCAA tournament.

My last great thing that is happening is Joshua is back in Iowa this week.  He will be here in about 30 minutes.  I worked and put in my 40 hours in four days to have today off to spend with him.  He plans on spending time with friends tomorrow but will be at our house for dinner and then to spend the night before he heads back to Des Moines and spend time with my Mom before their flight.  It will be so great to see him and McKenzie.  With that said, I have to go so I can set out clean towels in the guest bedroom for them.  I will see you all soon.  Thanks for sticking with me and my crazy life schedule.


He Loves Me