Sunday, March 12, 2017

Slow Down ~ Stay Little A Bit Longer

Life is definitely changing, always changing.  I love my new position at work.  I am finally getting used to the "normal" hours and I will be able to dedicate a couple of nights to my blogging again and reading my favorite bloggers/friends.

In the midst of it all, I have seriously became old ... my body aches so much any more.  I am seeing a doctor to assist with the pain.  The end of March and the beginning of April are my worst time of year.  This year I hope I am able to concentrate on the memories and love of my Dad and concentrate on Emily's baby shower for our new little soon grandchildren.

I think I am battling some Empty Nest feelings.  My boys are growing up and they reach out to me very little.  Christian (Noah) will be graduating in a year.  He is not ready one bit to be on his own but it is always a battle with him to do what he is supposed to do.  He is terrified and does not want the time to come either.  Joshua, I rarely talk to since he moved to Florida.  He is not good calling me or texting me.  He keeps in touch with his brother Ethan and Kameron, Emily's boyfriend, and friends on PlayStation 2 games.  They all play and talk to one another.  Kameron keeps me updated with what is going on with Joshua.  Ethan rarely chats with me.  He is busy with his friends and gaming too, he will show up once in awhile for Sunday dinner.  Matthew, I do talk more to him since he started working where I do.  I love being able to talk to him daily and see him again, but before he worked there he too did not keep in touch with me.  I will call or text them, they rarely answer.  Once in awhile I will get a "I love you too." back.  Why is that?  I think girls keep in touch better with their Mom's than boys do.  I miss my boys...


He Loves Me