Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Woo Hoo Wednesday ~Anniversary Style

I'm on vacation but I had to do a little post here today.  Shout out to Todd who is showing me our marriage is important.

  Happy Anniversary! ❤


Friday, July 21, 2017

Flashback Friday ~ Grandbabies Two and Three

Our little nuggets were due July 2nd but they thought they needed to come earlier.  At 32 weeks one of Emily's water waterbags began to leak.  She was admitted and medicine was given to stop the contractions, antibiotic to prevent infection, and steroids to help develop the lungs. Emily was such a trooper. At 34 weeks the c-section was scheduled, one of the babies was breech, baby girl so c-section was the option. May 23, 2017 our family grew by two more delightful grandchildren.

I am pleased to introduce to you all. Deckard John ...

...and Cambria Lynn.

The twins were in the hospital an additional 3 weeks.  First Cambria came home and the next day big brother Deckard came home.

They are doing great. Here are a few pictures of the sweet peas.

They actually sleep better next to one another.  They sort of comfort each other.  
Often Emily will move the blanket and she finds this...

Below is a picture I took the first time we baby sat them when Mom and Dad went out for the first time.
Below are pictures Emily took.  Cambria has the light background and Deckard has the brown background.

I'm already head over heals in love with them.   


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Once, Twice, Soon To Be Three Times...

This Friday I will be kicking off my vacation in the best way.  I will be going to my third Paul McCartney concert.  I posted about my live and first concert and you can read about it by clicking here.

Last summer was my second concert. You can read about it by clicking here.

Now I get to see him in Dee Moines Friday night!  I am so excited just like I was the first one.  I will post about it when I get back as well as the places we have been.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday Woo Hoo ~ Celebrating Taj

Today’s post is to celebrate my first grandson, Taj.  Taj has had so many changes this year with his first year of school.  Last Fall he started Kindergarten.
December we all found out Emily was expecting and a week later found out it was twins.  The babies were due about a month after Taj’s birthday and with twins we figured Emily may deliver about a month early.  Taj would have his birthday around the time the twins were going to be born.  This was going to change Taj’s life completely.  He has been used to being the only child so he has had a lot of attention.  Taj was super excited to find out he was going to have cousins.  He has been lonely and been asking his Mom for a brother for a while.  We all knew he will have moments of swooning over the babies and moments of jealous and thought we would try to prevent as much jealousy as possible.  Taj’s Mom found someone important in her life this past Spring.  He has been friends/more than friends with Kera for many many years but it has blossomed quickly into a lot more.  He moved in and they are now engaged to be married.  Taj is now competing for Mom’s attention at home as well, as I said Taj has had to experience many changes in his life recently.

Another new change this Spring was T-Ball.  Taj played on an Advanced T-Ball team.  What that means is the first three to four are pitches and if the child cannot hit the ball then a baseball T is brought out for the child to hit off.  Everyone gets to hit and there are no true outs.  We went to every game and enjoyed watching him.  Taj is a huge Cubs fan and his favorite player is Kris Bryant.  He was very disappointed when he saw his number was not the same as Bryant’s.  Taj did great at batting and could hit the ball pretty far.  We found out that he is a rather quick runner.  (No surprise since his Dad runs in track events still.)  Fielding, well the entire team needs more practice at the fielding.  It was so funny to watch because the entire team goes after the ball leaving their positions.  One thing Taj kept saying he wanted was batting gloves, so for his birthday we bought him batting gloves and gave it to him at the game he played on his birthday.  He was so thrilled and held them out to all of his teammates to like a woman does with her engagement ring.

The twins came earlier than Taj’s birthday ( I will post about them on Friday) so Taj’s party was not as large.  The twins were in the hospital still, Ethan and Noah (not knowing when his party was going to be) went to Florida to visit Joshua for a week.  They went to the game on Taj’s birthday and flew out the next day.  Matthew (not knowing when his party was going to be) made plans to go to his girlfriend’s family get together so he was not there as well.  It was just me, Todd, Kera, Taj, and one friend of Taj’s.  We went to Chuck E Cheese in a city about an hour away and Taj had a blast with his friend.  He had a good birthday party.

I just love this kid so much and have been showering extra attention to him because Todd and I do see the adjustments he has had to make are a little tough on him. Taj is noticing the extra attention and he will run up to me at a store with his other grandma just to hug, kiss me, and tell me he loves me.  He is constantly asking if he is my favorite since he is my first and that I am his favorite Nana.  I keep telling him he is my favorite Taj and there will never be another to take his place being my first grandson.  This makes him have a huge smile.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Our Weekend

Last weekend Todd had a get together with his graduating class.  This past Spring one of his classmates passed away unexpectedly. They took up a donation at that time and gave it to His mother who on return wanted to set up a scholarship fund in his name. This get together was another fund raiser. It was a pork roast at a classmate's farm.  What a beautiful farm or was. He created a wonderful area to have parties. He built it and created the pond on the farm. He had a paddle boat for us to enjoy. Here are a few pictures of the place.

This is the lower part of the party room, sort of like the porch. It was huge, it had a sectional, two love seats, and six chairs besides the end tables and coffee tables.  Inside the main room (no pictures) had another sectional table and chairs, air hockey, pool table, a large screen television, and a refrigerator.  Below the porch are multiple levels of deck.  Four levels to be exact.

This picture was taken from the porch. You can see the first three levels have tables with six chairs. 

The court level had four lounging chairs. On the left side of the deck there was actually one more level, the dock where the paddle boat was. Unfortunately, other than our selfie this is the best of my pictures.

What did you do this weekend?


Friday, July 14, 2017

Flashback Friday ~ Baby Shower

April 9th was Emily's and Kameron's Baby Shower.  Emily wanted to have her baby shower co-ed which I think is wonderful.  She did not want any games at her shower.  Kameron smoked some pork and we had pulled pork.  The cake Emily wanted turned out great.  We rented a hall which was perfect size and had a great atmosphere.  Everything turned out perfect and exactly what she had envisioned.  I was so happy how pleased she was.  It turned out to be a wonderful day.

The Centerpieces (above)
The Food Table before the pulled pork was added. (below)
The Drink Station (not shown is the Lemonade)
The Cake Table (below)
Instead of cards we asked people to bring their favorite books as a child. 
The table with some of the books and the box they used for the gender reveal. (above)
The table for the gifts. (below)

The happy couple (above).  Emily was due July 2nd. 
Todd and his girls. (below)


He Loves Me