Monday, July 17, 2017

Our Weekend

Last weekend Todd had a get together with his graduating class.  This past Spring one of his classmates passed away unexpectedly. They took up a donation at that time and gave it to His mother who on return wanted to set up a scholarship fund in his name. This get together was another fund raiser. It was a pork roast at a classmate's farm.  What a beautiful farm or was. He created a wonderful area to have parties. He built it and created the pond on the farm. He had a paddle boat for us to enjoy. Here are a few pictures of the place.

This is the lower part of the party room, sort of like the porch. It was huge, it had a sectional, two love seats, and six chairs besides the end tables and coffee tables.  Inside the main room (no pictures) had another sectional table and chairs, air hockey, pool table, a large screen television, and a refrigerator.  Below the porch are multiple levels of deck.  Four levels to be exact.

This picture was taken from the porch. You can see the first three levels have tables with six chairs. 

The court level had four lounging chairs. On the left side of the deck there was actually one more level, the dock where the paddle boat was. Unfortunately, other than our selfie this is the best of my pictures.

What did you do this weekend?


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