Friday, August 4, 2017

Gifts For The Grandchildren

Once we became grandparents for the first time we have always made a point to give a book for every holiday and every time we have gone on vacation we try to pick up a book about the area we a visiting.

It began with Washington DC, we found a baby board book "Goodnight DC" very much the style "Goodnight Moon".

This year we picked up two houses a set of books.  Here is what we picked up for Taj.
"the Troublesome Cub in the Great Smoky Mountains" is a cute little book that he can read himself and enjoy the Cubs mischievous adventures. "The Big Bat" is a book about the big bat at the Louisville Slugger Museum. It explains how big the bat actually is. "I Am Abraham Lincoln" is about President Lincoln.  We bought him "I am Jackie Robinson" for his birthday.

Here are the books we picked up for the twins.
"Great Smoky Mountains Wee Ones" is a comparison of how families as humans and animals in the Great Smoky Mountains do thing similar. "Find My Friends" is a cute little book about animals. We picked up "The Big Bat" as well and the last book their parents will have to read to them for awhile is "Kid Presidents" this book has a small chapter about every president up to Obama and a story or event when they were a child and a few facts about each President.

We do not pick up shirts any longer most of the time they do not wear them and we think the books are a great gift.

Do you buy books for your children/grandchildren?


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